Mobile mapping and surveying of land, coastal and waterway areas

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Dynascan offers efficient, high-accuracy mobile 3D mapping capabilities, even in extreme environments.

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Dynascan M250 single headOur Dynascan range offers a unique solution in the mobile lidar scanning market, and is available either to buy or to rent. Alternatively, you can hire our team as operators or on a project consultancy basis.

With a rotating head giving 360-degree scanning, high accuracy and the compact incorporation of leading global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and inertial measurement unit (IMU) technology, Dynascan models deliver the performance, portability and price customers need to complete work efficiently.

High-grade resistance to water and dust means Dynascan units can be used safely, accurately and without damage, where previously surveying was hazardous or time consuming.

Product range

Dynascan M250 Dynascan S250 Dynascan software

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Dynascan interchange 


Dynascan Software Screen


Dynascan M250 is recommended for capturing data in challenging environments, for coastal and waterway mapping and quarry mapping and stockpile surveying.


The S250 model is recommended for urban surveying. Contact us for the availability of this product in your region.


All Dynascan models come with fully featured software, providing a user-friendly route along the scanning and processing workflow.

A safer, easier, more cost-effective way to survey

Working with Dynascan has helped surveyors in a range of industries survey large and difficult-to-access areas, while working cost effectively.

Our systems are lower in price than those offered by other companies, yet backed by remote diagnostic support and functionality-rich software.


The Dynascan is a fully portable 3D mobile mapping system

The small size and weight of Dynascan models make them versatile enough to deploy on a range of vehicles or vessels. You can now dynamically survey areas of limited or difficult access, including steep narrow tracks, parks, small river tributaries, and narrow waterways.


Quarry mapping with Dynascan

Dynascan contains no delicate scanning mechanisms or rotating mirrors, and is designed to operate in the world's most extreme environments. 

Dynascan is built to industrial specifications and with an all-weather design that ensures the system will operate after long trans-shipment journeys, minimising downtime on the job and time spent in the repair shop.

Rapid deployment

Vehicle-mounted Dynascan 3D mobile mapping system

No heavy or cumbersome mounting brackets are needed, and all sensors are factory calibrated and aligned inside the pod.

One cable from a Dynascan pod to the rugged laptop eliminates the cabling problems associated with other such surveying equipment.

Dynascan models can hook up to the vehicle or vessel battery system, needing a 12 to 36 V dc supply.

Fully featured software

Dynascan Software Screen

Dynascan systems come with a fully featured software suite, which supports the user during initial project planning and real-time 3D data acquisition, through to final processing, quality control and reporting.

For ease of integration into existing workflows, data can be exchanged with third-party applications via a large number of industry-standard formats (e.g. DXF, XTF, GeoTIFF, GSF, BAG, ASCII, LAS).

Integration with other sensing technologies is also catered for, with the software allowing seamless acquisition from a variety of other sensors, such as a GPS receiver, an IMU, a camera, a multi-beam echo sounder, or a side-scan sonar system.

Mobile mapping applications

Coastal and waterway scanning Quarry mapping

Dynascan mounted on coastal survey vessel



Dynascan truck in quarry



  • Brochure: Dynascan mobile mapping system Brochure: Dynascan mobile mapping system

    Renishaw’s Dynascan M250 mobile mapping system provides eye-safe, long-range laser-scanning solutions for use in a range of challenging land and marine environments. The vessel- or vehicle-mounted unit enables users to collect, edit and analyse geospatial point-cloud data quickly and accurately in order to plan and manage complex projects.

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