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  • Renishaw präsentiert neue Raman-Spektroskopie-Website

    Renishaw inVia confocal Raman microscopeDie neu gestaltete Website bietet umfassendere Informationen und ist eine wichtige Ressource für alle, die mehr über die Raman-Spektroskopie und ihre Anwendungen wissen möchten.

  • Inside Raman Seminar 2014

    Networking at Inside Raman 2012Lernen Sie von führenden Wissenschaftlern aus den Bereichen Materialwissenschaft, Biologie und Forensik.

  • Raman Images schneller als je zuvor

    StreamLine HR Rapide image of grapheneMit Renishaws neuem StreamLineHR™ Rapide können inVia Anwender in kurzer Zeit große Mengen an Raman-Spektren aufnehmen. Dank dieser Fähigkeit und inVias hoher Empfindlichkeit können Sie chemische Informationen in Bildform in HD-Qualität erstellen.

  • Renishaw bringt neue leistungsstarke Software auf den Markt

    Raman image of a volcanic rock section from Mount St. HelensMit Renishaws neuer WiRE 4™ Software können inVia Anwender chemische Bilder in HD-Qualität aus sehr großen Raman-Datensätzen erstellen.

  • Neue Leistungsfähigkeit bei niedriger Wellenzahl

    Solar eclipseSchnelle und einfache Untersuchung von Raman-Merkmalen bei niedriger Wellenzahl anhand von Renishaws Eclipse-Filter für das inVia Raman-Mikroskop; blockieren Sie das Laserlicht, nicht Ihre Raman-Banden.

  • inVia Raman Mikroskop in bahnbrechender Graphenforschung eingesetzt

    Raman map of CVD graphene sampleEin inVia Raman Mikroskop von Renishaw wurde in neuen Forschungen verwendet, die sich mit einem der größten Hindernisse der breiteren Nutzung von Graphen befassen: der Schwierigkeit der Herstellung von großen, defektfreien Filmen.

  • Inside Raman Seminar 2012

    Raman application montage 4Inside Raman Seminar 2012. Organisiert von der Renishaw GmbH 27. bis 28.September 2012 in Pliezhausen

  • Renishaw announces Raman seminars at the Natural History Museum, London, UK

    Scientist using Raman systemFollowing the success of the ‘inside Raman’ event last year at Warwick University, Renishaw’s Raman spectroscopy team will be hosting ‘inside Raman’ seminars at the Natural History Museum, London, UK, on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th September 2011.

  • Efficiently using the sun's energy

    Efficiently using the sun's energyEfficient use of solar energy to generate commercial and industrial power has long been a desired goal. Environmental concerns, government targets, and the increasing cost of traditional fuels has generated more research and potential product opportunities in recent years. Whilst a multitude of novel materials (such as CuIn1-xGaxSe2 and CdTe) are being researched and improved, silicon based materials still lead the industry because of their high efficiency and abundance of raw material.

  • Greener transport

    inVia StreamLine Raman images of carbon (red), silicon (blue) and binder (yellow)Motor manufacturers regularly announce the release of novel battery powered electric vehicles. Compared to the lithium-ion batteries in cell phones or notebook PCs, the batteries used in cars require very high output power, short charging time, long life, excellent safety, light weight, and low production cost. This translates into a need for higher-performing battery components made from chemically

  • Harnessing Solar Energy

    Harnessing Solar Energy imagePRAMAC Swiss SA, part of the PRAMAC multinational group, began producing thin film solar panels in July 2009. Their plant, based in Riazzino, is the largest solar panel production facility in Switzerland. It produces Micromorph® panels that use multi-layer thin film technology: active hydrogenated silicon layers (Si:H) and transparent conductive oxide (TCO) contact layers are deposited on a glass substrate by chemical vapour deposition. This layered technology increases absorption in the near-in

  • Renishaw wins best supplier award in China

    Chinese award ceremony 2010Renishaw (Hong Kong) Ltd. has won the prestigious Best Supplier Award at the 2010 China Higher Educational Equipment Supplier Evaluation. Renishaw (Hong Kong) Ltd., with the inVia Raman microscope, is the first and only Raman spectroscopy supplier to win this award.

  • New Raman spectroscopy agent for Romania

    inVia Reflex + enclosureRenishaw plc, a leading supplier of Raman spectroscopy and metrology systems, is delighted to announce that it has appointed Nitech SRL as its agent in Romania for the sale and support of its Raman spectroscopy systems.

  • University of Warwick to host 'Inside Raman' seminars

    Raman application montage 4An exciting line up of world-class speakers will be passing on their experience and expertise in the up-coming 'Inside Raman' event at the University of Warwick on 22nd and 23rd Speptember 2010.

  • Pioneering work provides hope in fertility struggle

    Image of sperm and eggThe inability to have children creates great heartache for many couples. The most common cause is male infertility, usually characterised by sperm cells with low mobility in which genetic material (DNA) is often damaged. Unfortunately, DNA damage in sperm cells is difficult to spot, and most techniques that can identify it require sperm to be broken open prior to chemical analysis, thereby destroying the sperm.

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