SEM-Raman system

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SEM-Raman gives you comprehensive in situ sample characterisation in a single system. Redefine convenience, efficiency and productivity by combining these two technologies.

Renishaw's SEM-SCA interface brings inVia's Raman analysis capabilities to scanning electron microscopes. Use the SEM to take high-resolution images of your sample and perform elemental analysis using x-rays. Add the power of Raman to identify materials and non metallic compounds, even when they have the same stoichiometry.

Raman + SEM + EDS

X-ray analysis of alluvial depositsinVia and SEM-SCA provide an in-SEM analytical technique that both complements light microscope-based Raman spectroscopy and overcomes limitations of energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS), the traditional in-SEM analytical technique.

The SEM-SCA and inVia are fully compatible with not only Raman but also photoluminescence (PL) and cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopies.

Benefit from co-localised morphological, elemental, chemical, physical and electronic analysis.

Image: X-ray analysis of alluvial deposits from Loch Torridon, Scotland

Same place, same time

Have confidence in your data; simultaneously acquire Raman and SEM data from the same point on the sample without having to move it. This ensures that your data are representative.

One combined system

Spectra from feldspar grainSpectra from feldspar grainWith one combined system, you save valuable time. You do not have to move your samples between two instruments and risk analysing the wrong sample region.

Even better, two users can operate the inVia and SEM-SCA independently and simultaneously, without any compromise in the performance of either. You have a Raman system, a SEM-SCA system and a combined Raman-SEM-SCA system.

Image: spectra from feldspar grain from Loch Torridon, Scotland

Choose the best system

SEM-SCA is compatible with a host of SEMs. Choose the best SEM for your needs from vendors such as:

  • Zeiss
  • FEI
  • JEOL
  • Hitachi

Selecting the best system

Contact Renishaw's SEM experts and discuss your specific requirements.

Many aspects of Renishaw's innovative technology are covered by patents