Spatial laser measurement

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World-class laser systems and modules for high-performance mapping, surveying, positioning and measuring, even in extreme environments.

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Renishaw's high-speed laser measurement and surveying systems are designed for use in extreme environments where speed, accuracy and safety matter.

Our laser systems for marine, mining and mapping applications have been developed over many years of close work with those in the field, and have been widely adopted due to their reliability and ease of use.

Our applications

Mining Mapping Marine Modules

Quarryman mining image

Surveying and mapping systems for mines and quarries


Dynascan salt marsh image

High performance, high-accuracy mobile mapping for inland, coastal areas and waterways


Fanbeam vessel image

Dynamic positioning for offshore vessels


MDL Laser Modules Montage

Laser modules for OEM integrators

Mining and quarrying survey systems

quarryman rock face

Renishaw's laser scanning devices for the mining and quarrying industry have pioneered new technologies, allowing operators to survey previously inaccessible areas and plan future projects in safety, whilst maximising productivity. Our well-known and widely adopted systems comprise Quarryman®, Boretrak®, C-ALS®Void Scanner and Dynascan. We offer:

  • Robust, deployable scanning devices, which give precise and accurate mine mapping information
  • A full range of systems for quarries and mines, which allow for work to be planned more profitably: blast optimisation, stockpile measurement, void mapping and stope mapping
  • Measurement and scanning software that provides data clearly and quickly
  • Reliable, world-class mining measurement and scanning systems, backed by global servicing and customer support

Marine dynamic positioning for offshore support vessels

Fanbeam DP laser

Fanbeam® has led the market for over 20 years, due to its durability,high-performance in tough conditions and ease of use for dynamic positioning operators (DPOs).

Everything about our DP reference position system is designed to help vessel operators keep vessels working: our vast network of global servicing centres are staffed by engineers trained by us and stocked with all spare parts and replacement units ready to go.

Fanbeam 5 builds on our long history of working with fleet managers and DPOs to deliver our most accurate, most reliable DP system yet. Customers upgrading see real improvements in stability, less interference, better target identification and benefit from new software, which is easier to interpret and act on, speeding up operations and giving DPOs even greater confidence in decisions.

Mapping large areas on land and water

Dynascan S250 Mountain Road Scan Image

Dynascan offers high-performance 3D mapping in tough environments. The one pod solution can be mobilised in under an hour and can carry out surveys in a fraction of the time of conventional survey techniques. High-grade resistance to water and dust means the Dynascan can be used safely, accurately and without damage in areas where surveying was previously harzardous or arduous to complete.

Laser modules for system integration

Pencil beam laser module

Our range of adaptable, high-speed, high-accuracy laser modules, suitable for OEMs, are used widely in traffic, security and military applications. Our expert team also work with system integrators in a variety of sectors to deliver unique solutions.

The advantages of Renishaw's laser mapping, measurement and scanning solutions

Renishaw plc Redwood House premises in York

Renishaw plc is a FTSE-250 company, with the scale, resources and engineering expertise to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Many of our mapping systems have become global industry leaders, because they offer customers new capabilities, and a real competitive advantage.

Global servicing, technical support and training centres ensure that our customers benefit from local, expert help in operating and maintaining their equipment at all times.

We are committed to ongoing product development and innovation that helps our customers achieve their business goals more quickly, more easily and more profitably.

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