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Internal combustion engines

Kawasaki CMM case study  - REVO in action

The REVO scanning capability allows us to catch form errors much more quickly, without a time penalty on our inspections. It has definitely made us more proactive in catching quality problems early in the game.

Kawasaki (USA)

REVO® for powertrain manufacturing

Global powertrain manufacturers are constantly pushing the boundaries of mass production processes to produce engines that meet the ever-increasing demands of their users and customers.

With REVO's 5-axis positioning with integral surface finish measurement, we're able to inspect parts such as cylinder bores, bearing journals and valve guides.

RFP fringe probe for the REVO® 5-axis multi-sensor system for CMMs

The new RFP fringe probe is designed for inspection of freeform surfaces and complex geometry, rapidly delivering patches of surface data with a high point density.

Unlike other non-contact structured light systems, the RFP probe does not require reference markers to stitch together data from different areas, as this is done automatically by the REVO system.

NC4+ Blue non-contact tool setter for on-machine tool measurement

Featuring industry-first, blue laser technology (patent pending) and improved optics, Renishaw's NC4+ Blue non-contact tool setting systems deliver significant improvements in tool measurement accuracy, ensuring components can be machined more accurately and efficiently on CNC machine tools.

Ultra-fast probing for workpiece set-up, surface condition and form monitoring.

Driven by SPRINT™ technology, SupaScan is the fastest on-machine probing solution for workpiece set-up. Surface condition and form can also be monitored – greatly enhancing your on-machine inspection capability.

Gauging a connecting rod with the Equator™ gauging system

Ensure that components which are part of critical assemblies are made within tolerance, improve process control and reduce inspection costs with the Equator™ gauging system.