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Raman Revealed training Europe/Germany overview

Realise the full potential of your Renishaw Raman instrument

Three-day training workshop, Renishaw GmbH, Pliezhausen, Germany

7th - 9th October 2024

Special offer: benefit from a combined registration of both Raman Revealed training and Inside Raman seminar (10th - 11th October 2024) and save 149€!

Course overview

Raman Revealed is a highly interactive, three-day course that combines tutorials and discussions with hands-on learning. You will collect Raman data on the inVia™ confocal Raman microscope and then analyse it using the latest WiRE™ software. By the end of the course, you will understand the optimum analytical approach to use for your samples.

Day one - Monday 7th of October (12 pm - 4.30 pm):

  • Walkthrough of the inVia Raman microscope and spectrometer.
  • Sample preparation and sample viewing.
  • Collection of Raman spectra.
  • Understanding instrumental and experimental parameters for effective data acquisition including laser wavelength, laser power, grating, objective, and acquisition time.

Day two - Tuesday 8th of October (9 am - 4.30 pm):

  • Measurement setups.
  • Collecting Raman map data and fast Raman imaging techniques, StreamLine™ and StreamHR™.
  • Data processing including cosmic ray removal, baseline subtraction and truncation.
  • Univariate data analysis.

Day three - Wednesday 9th of October (9 am - 4.30 pm):

  • Spectral library searching and creating libraries.
  • Depth measurements.
  • Creating Raman images with univariate and multivariate analysis.


The training workshop will run for three days,
12 pm - 4.30 pm, 9am - 4.30 pm and 9am - 4.30 pm.


2000€ (ex. VAT) for all three days. The price includes course materials, lunch, refreshments and a certificate of attendance. Travel and accommodation are not included.

Benefit from a combined registration of both Raman Revealed training and Inside Raman seminar (10th - 11th October 2024) and save 149€!


The workshop will take place at Renishaw GmbH in Pliezhausen, Germany, for more information, click here.


The course is intended for attendees with a reasonable understanding of spectroscopy and we recommend that you have at least six months' of experience using a Renishaw Raman system before attending this workshop. Attendees should have WiRE 4 or later.

Raman Revealed being presented
Raman Revealed being presented 2
Raman revealed being presented 3


Please complete the online form to register your interest.


If you have any questions about these training workshops, please contact Renishaw Spectroscopy Products Division at