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StreamHR™: generate high resolution chemical images

Fast, high resolution mapping

With StreamHR, you can rapidly image your samples at the highest possible spatial resolution. Only the inherent diffraction limit of the light restricts the resolution, not the instrument.

Chemical images with the ultimate detail

If your samples have very small features you will need the best possible spatial resolution to reveal them. StreamHR carefully scans the laser spot using the small step size (down to 50 nm) capability of Renishaw's High Speed Encoded Stage (HSES). This produces chemical images with the highest possible detail.

An efficient technique

StreamHR moves the sample through the laser spot in small, user-definable steps. For the highest resolution images, use a high magnification (high numerical aperture) objective lens.

StreamHR maps efficiently because sample movement, data collection, and data readout occur simultaneously, rather than in discrete sequential steps. This gives you the images you need in the shortest possible time.

Even faster Raman images

StreamHR Rapide enables you to collect data at faster than 1000 spectra per second. So you can produce highly detailed Raman images with extreme speed.

See StreamHR Rapide in action

Need even higher resolution?

Look at our Raman-SPM/AFM combined systems and EasyConfocal™ technology.

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Many aspects of Renishaw's innovative technology are covered by patents.

Latest StreamHR news

Renishaw's inVia confocal Raman microscope connects to Bruker's Dimension Icon AFM

Renishaw is an experienced supplier of integrated Raman-AFM solutions, having offered them for over 16 years. The latest addition to the range of instruments it supports is Bruker's Dimension Icon AFM. This additional pairing demonstrates the extreme flexibility of the Renishaw inVia confocal microscope, and its ability to interface to a wide range of instruments employing many analytical techniques.