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StreamLine™ Slalom

Analyse the whole surface with Raman

StreamLine's Slalom mode ensures your data is gathered from the whole area you have defined for analysis. You will be able to see small features, such as particles, that you might otherwise miss.

Slalom provides an effective solution to the problem of undersampling.


The relationship between the spot size and step size is a crucial aspect of sampling.

Optimal sampling occurs when these are equal. The whole area is covered without overlapping.

Undersampling occurs when the step size is greater than the laser spot size. This makes mapping faster but there are regions of our sample that have not been analysed.

Therefore, there is a practical trade off between:

  • total mapping time
  • step size
  • area (or volume) to be analysed


Undersampling is the fastest way of analysing a large area but you can miss small, important features.

Slalom zigzags StreamLine's laser line, ensuring that the whole of the surface is sampled while maintaining short experiment times. This provides an effective solution to the problem of undersampling.

The best of both worlds

Most Raman images are constructed with each pixel appearing to represent an area the same size as the step size. When undersampling the pixels should strictly be just the size of the analysis area, resulting in an image with a high fraction of blank space. If the particles and domains are large enough, this is not a critical distinction. However it does become crucial if you are trying to determine semi-quantitative information, making the results far less representative or accurate.

StreamLine's Slalom mode gives the best of both worlds; you can map rapidly, yet be confident that your data fully represents the whole of the area being mapped.

Many aspects of Renishaw's innovative technology are covered by patents.